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voice-instructors1THE voice over class in the Philadelphia area AND NOW ONLINE FROM ANYWHERE to start your career ...or build on your current voice over success!

Voice Over Coaches
Producer/Director/Voice Coach-Rob Holt, Voice Acting Coach/Actor-Sharon Geller, and Voice & Speech Professor/Working Voice Over Artist-Neill Hartley

The Total Experience is so much more than just a voice over class. It is a complete support network of working professionals who are dedicated to your growth and success.

We are literally working on voice over projects by day and teaching voice over class at night. Our knowledge, experience, and insights are fresh!

3 different industry professionals with decades of ongoing experience guide you through an 6-week journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and creative growth as you move towards your goals. There's even a bonus 7th class about home recording, and a one on one private coaching session!

Start Your Voice Over Career!

ray greenley voice over

New Voice Over Artist, Ray Greenley talks about is incredible start...It sounded too good to be true when Rob called me in for a voice over job before I had even finished my studies at Voice Box! Even though I was a complete beginner at the start of the Total Experience class, the instructors seemed to recognize my abilities right away and worked hard to help me nurture and grow them.  Now what once was only a distant dream feels like a reality! I don't know where else I could have received training that would have gotten me this far in such a short amount of time! - Ray Greenley
UPDATE: November 2022 - Ray has now recorded over 40 audiobooks for various authors and has received glowing reviews. He has also voiced several e-learning projects, and teaches classes on audio engineering. Go Ray!

Or Supercharge Your Current Career!

Veteran Voice Over Artist, Jim McCabe talks about his newfound success after taking the class...I have to thank you for helping me get back on the right track. Granted I wasn’t a novice going into the class, but never in my career have I booked work so consistently than I have after working with you guys. I’ve had multiple jobs each week for months now; corporate promos, local TV and radio spots, several regional TV campaigns, videogames and character work, audio books, a couple national TV spots, and I just landed the announcer for the ESPN show Draft Academy! It’s been incredible and it’s in no small part due to the Voice Box team. Thanks, Jim McCabe

Real group classes with expert, veteran instructors online. Learn the voice acting craft from your home in a dynamic, collaborative environment that is inspiring, fun, and provides real results!

All from the comfort of your own home. An additional private session for each student,
make this an amazing total of 7 unique experiences of instruction, practice, insights, and fun!


Online Voice Over Class
Now Booking: Thursdays, July 11 - August 15, 2024


It's easy to see that this is the only voice over class of its kind.
We are proud to offer you a truly unique experience that sets you up for success:

  • A multi-instructor environment - to ensure you get a well rounded exposure to the many facets of the voice over industry. The more realistic the view you have of the industry, the better equipped you'll be to take your place in it! We make sure you understand the roles, expectations, and perspectives of voice over actors, casting directors, producers, and engineers.
  • A small group setting - Limiting each class to 10 people provides an intimate setting that allows for individualized attention.
  •  A systematic approach that is ever evolving to the current industry - Because we work in voice over everyday, we constantly fine tune each class to what is happening now in our industry to better prepare you for the current voice over marketplace.
  • A no risk money back guarantee - We want you to be sure this is the right path for you. In fact, if you're not completely satisfied we won't just refund 100% of your registration fee no questions asked, we'll give you $50 towards your VO training with another coach or school! (Details below) We are committed to your satisfaction and success.
  • A free 20 minute consultation with a veteran voice over casting director BEFORE you decide to sign up - We want you to be just as excited to learn in this class as we are to teach it! Click below to schedule your free 20 minute consultation with Voice Box owner, Rob Holt. Pick his brain full of 18+ years of experience in casting and recording voice overs. Ask your burning questions. You are under no obligation to sign up for the class.

voice over consultation

Now Booking: Thursdays, July 11 - August 15, 2024

 TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 P.M. EST

LOCATION: Online via Zoom Meetings

There's plenty more information below, but if you've seen enough so far and just want to make sure you lock in your seat then -

Here's a break down of the just some of the what we'll cover over the 6 weeks

Week 1: Hit the Ground Running – Voice Box owner and dynamic instructor, Rob Holt guides you through a quick but important introduction to the voice over studio, including proper etiquette and techniques in the studio, on and off the mic. Then we jump right in to it! You will be performing various voice over scripts, utilizing the techniques learned the previous week and realizing how much fun it really is to work in this environment. WARNING: Be prepared to laugh!
Teacher: VO Casting Director/Producer/Engineer/Voice Box Owner – Rob Holt

Week 2:  Acting for VO artists - We build a solid foundation for the weeks ahead! Getting you loose, relaxed and in the moment is crucial to delivering your best vocal performance. You’ll receive an overview of how VO work differs from on-camera acting. Work includes relaxation skills to help you free the natural voice in addition to working with scripts and learning the acting skills that bring the voice to life. Teacher: Veteran Actor, Voice Actor, and Voice/Improv/Acting Instructor – Sharon Geller

Weeks 3: Voiceover work for Commercials from the VO Artist’s Perspective - This class will look specifically at auditioning for and working within the exciting realm of the commercial voice over market.  You’ll learn the invaluable techniques of voice preparation, text analysis and cold readings.  We’ll focus on determining the type of read, and the major components present in each piece of commercial copy. You will have the opportunity of applying these techniques to professional voice over scripts.
Teacher: Veteran VO & On-Camera Actor/Educator – Neill Hartley

Week 4:  Voiceover work for Narration from the VO Artist’s Perspective - We will dive into this vast area of the voice over industry. You will learn about the different types of narration work as well as the specific techniques required to voice them, and gain insights on how narration styles differ from commercial styles. We will practice these skills on mic.
Teacher: Neill Hartley

Week 5: Public Service Announcements – PSA’s are a unique part of the VO world. You will learn and apply the techniques needed to keep the PSA honest, clear and sincere.  The goal is to raise public awareness, make a call to action or shock the audience.
Teacher: Veteran Actor, Voice Actor, and Voice/Improv/Acting Instructor – Sharon Geller

Week 6:  Recording with an Engineer – Two industry pros at the same time! Put your newly acquired skills to the test as you work with Rob and career Sound Engineer, Chris Zurzolo in a real world recording exercise! Get the feel of what it's like working with an engineer and director and hear playback of your performance. Teachers: VO Casting Director/Producer/Engineer/Voice Box Owner – Rob Holt & Producer/Engineer - Chris Zurzolo

This is just an outline of the class.
There is simply no way to explain how much you'll learn.

Our lives are centered around the voice over business all day, every day. Many times we will use the experiences we've had that week or even that day to give you the best possible set of skills and how they apply to the industry right now!

And don't forget the bonus one on one session!

voice over coachA 30-minute one-on-one session with me after the last class.
After our incredibly meaningful 6-weeks the last thing I want to leave you with is a feeling of "now what?" We will schedule a virtual private coaching session, so we can work individually. This will be a great time for me to further assess where you are, and for us to work with even more focus on your specific craft. Plus, we can talk about your individual next steps. I know it will be useful to both of us!

So if you are feeling good about all this but would still like to talk to me...

Or if you're just ready to grab your seat...

What has to be the most valuable, most inspiring, and most supportive VO class available starts
Thursday, July 11, 2024!

TIME: 6:30 - 8:30 P.M.
Online via Zoom Meetings


12 hours of class time, plus an additional 30 minute one-on-one session all backed by a no risk guarantee* for just 3 monthly payments of $235 - or $695 onetime payment


voice over class guarantee

*Rob Holt's Voice Box No Risk No Hassles No B.S. Guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied after the first class just let me know any time before the second class and I'll refund 100% of your registration fee. Plus, I'll even pay you $50 towards you VO training with another coach or school! That's how committed to your happiness and success we are here at Voice Box!


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