Voice Over Business of the Business Seminar

voice over marketing Sharon Geller~WHERE DO I GO to find voice over jobs?
~Are online platforms worthwhile? Which ones?
~And how do set up or optimize my profiles for them?
~What types of jobs should I go for?
~Do I have to put myself out there on social media?
~How do I know what rates to charge and how low is too low?
~How do I know my recording quality is good enough?
~I've been able to book a few things, but how do I make my voice over career sustainable?

If you've been asking these questions and more, this event is for you!

The Voice Box Business of the Business Seminar is an engaging 3-hour experience, designed to help you launch your VO business or level up your current one.

(Have you already attended a past Voice Box Biz seminar? Each one is different and evolves as the industry does. If you're in need of a refresher you can attend this seminar at half price. There is a link for just above the form signup form on this page.)

You've put in the time learning and practicing all aspects of voice over performance. You have the passion and drive, the home studio. You're ready to go! ...so now what?

Or perhaps you've already been working, and have even landed a few jobs, but they're few and far between.
How do you turn that into a steady stream of work?

There has been a tremendous amount of change in the voice over industry over the past few years. With this change has come incredible opportunity for those who know how to capitalize on it. It's a fundamental truth in any industry that the greatest success is reserved for those with a clear understanding of the landscape and an actionable plan. Knowing what you should be focusing on will remove confusion and doubt. It will also give your journey a clear direction and set you ahead of your competition

We can help! This seminar is a compelling 3-hour, virtual workshop where you'll get invaluable information, all in one place, from reliable industry professionals who are actively working full-time in Voice Over. No more heading down the YouTube rabbit hole for countless hours of conflicting information and confusion.

Three Expert Presenters...

We are people who have carved out a career and found lasting success in the voice over business and we're ready to share the techniques, daily mindset, and overall work ethic we use to build and sustain our careers, as well as answer your specific questions with our industry panel!

This workshop is strictly informational. There will be no sales pitches! You'll learn what works, what doesn't, and what you can use in your own business and marketing to stand out among your competition and get ahead. All in an online setting that is candid, fun, and full of passion for the voice over industry. 

Here are the Presenters!

Tom Dheere

Tom Dheere VO Boss

As a NYC based voice actor with decades of experience, Tom has voiced thousands of projects across nearly every genre, including Commercials, Video Games, Cartoons, Explainers, Corporate Narration, eLearning, Medical Narration, Audiobooks, Audio Descriptions, and so much more. His client list is mile long.

But what's even more exciting is that Tom is also a voice over business and marketing coach, dedicated to the ongoing success of his voice actor clients. I've followed Tom's blog for years and his insights, and practices are always spot on.

Tom's systematic approach and proven track record have made him a sought after speaker at high profile voice over events such as Faffcon, VO Atlanta, VOcation NYC, and Mid-Atlantic Voice Over as well as appearances with the Voice Over Body Shop, VoiceOverXtra, and World Voices Organization, to name a few.

This year, Tom will help us to "Think Like a Voice Over Business." You'll learn how to develop your decision-making skills, weed through distractions, and find strategies and solutions that work for YOU, based on where you are in your career. Tom will help you find your own answers and not just do what someone else says worked for them.

Jenna Pinchbeck (She/Her)

Jenna has only been a voice actor for about a year and a half and she has had the most remarkable start I've ever seen! An accomplished theater actor with a degree in musical theater from Shenandoah Conservatory, Jenna sought me out during the pandemic in order to learn the craft and translate her theater skills to voice acting. All throughout her theater career, despite her success, Jenna always needed to hold down a second job to make ends meet. She worked as a headshot photographer and bar tender, eventually ending up as a successful real estate agent.

But this success came with a TON of stress. So much so that Jenna left her Real Estate career in December 2021 and took the big leap of faith, going full time with VO. With nothing to do but dive HEAD FIRST, she learned the ins and outs of the business, and has voiced jobs for big time clients by the likes of Forbes, Anastasia Beverly Hills, T-Mobile, Corona, Apple, Wells Fargo, and many many more!

Jenna now has an incredible 10:1 booking ratio and more than 670 jobs under her belt. In just her first year she made a multiple six figure income in VO all while traveling extensively. VO has absolutely changed her life and given her such a profound freedom that she moved to Thailand this spring, and her VO business has not slowed down!

And of course I me, Rob Holt

Rob Holt - Voice Over Casting Director

I started casting voice over projects in 2003 and haven't stopped. Over the course of 2 decades and hundreds of different voice over jobs, I've seen from the production side of things what makes a voice actor great to work with. It goes far beyond simply being good at the craft.

My production clients come to me for voice actors expecting a level of quality and professionalism from them. Simply put, when you look good on the job, I look good as well. And if the client has challenges working with you, I'll be the first to hear from them about it. There is an important mindset to adopt as well as some simple things I'll share that make a big difference when booking work and on the job.

All three presenters will team up at the end to form our Industry Panel where we will provide answers to your specific questions in an open and candid format.

Voice Box Business of the Business Seminar

Date:     Sunday, September 17, 2023 
Time:    10AM – 1PM
Cost:     $199

:: Virtually via Zoom Meetings ::

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