Voice Over Business & Marketing Seminar

voice over marketing Sharon GellerSo how do you get Voice Over work?

You’ve put in the time learning about and practicing all of the aspects of voice over performance. Maybe you’ve even recorded a demo or two and have set up a home studio…

Now what?

You have the knowledge, the skills, the tools, the passion and drive. But how does that translate into getting voice over jobs and getting paid, right?

It comes down to two things. And this is where I’ve seen the most people fall short, no matter how talented or how much potential they have.

It all comes down to the application of Business and Marketing techniques.

One thing I have in common with many of the voice over artists I work with is that we’re both…well, artists! The business and marketing side of things certainly did not come naturally to me. But gaining a working knowledge of sound business practices and effective marketing has literally changed my business and my life. I can say 100% that Voice Box would not be here today if I had not forced myself to learn this stuff.

What puts you at an advantage is that most of the new people flooding into the voice over industry will ignore the simple truth about marketing their business. They’ll just try to wing it, leaving huge openings for those who have an understanding of what they must do, and how they must do it, in order to reach and engage prospective clients.

Four invaluable hours packed with voice over industry knowledge and advice.

We have crafted a compelling 4-hour, workshop where 3 different presenters who are finding success in the voice over industry share the techniques, ideas, and work ethic they use to build and sustain their voice over careers. From tried and true methods that will always be relevant, to new school and innovative thinking using the latest technology, learn what works for you and your unique situation and goals.

Learn what works, what doesn’t, and what you can use in your own business and voice over marketing to stand out among your competition and get ahead. All in a setting that is candid, fun, and full of passion for the voice over industry.

Here are the Presenters!

Sharon Geller

voice over marketing seminar

Sharon has been a full time actor and voice over artist for over 25 years with a list of credits a mile long. You would be hard pressed to find a producer in this market that hasn’t worked with her. Sharon brings a lifetime of experience and shares what is essential to not only grow but to maintain your career for decades amidst fluctuations in the economy, increasing competition, and the ever changing trends of the industry.

Sharon’s voice over credits include DISH Network, PA Lottery, Pandora Jewelry, Comcast, Johnson & Johnson, her character voice work has landed her roles animation and even those spooky animatronic figures  you see in the Halloween stores!

On TV, Sharon has been on Saturday Night Live (4 times!), the TODAY show, Sex and the City, and is a frequent guest host on QVC. She has appeared in feature films for M. Night Shayamalan (The Sixth Sense & Wide Awake), Jonathan Demme (Philadelphia), and United Artists (Rocky V). A gifted performer, Sharon has had major roles in award winning theatre performances in New York, Philadelphia, as well as several tours…Oh, did I mention she’s also hilarious!

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Voice Over

Former Voice Box student, Chris Evans is a true testament to what it takes to get started in this business. The past two and a half years since his initial training have been an incredible journey of determination and hard work. Chis will take us through the ins and outs of looking for clients, auditioning for jobs, building a booth and website, handling rejection and self-doubt, gaining traction and building momentum.

Chris’s new vantage point has allowed him to leverage opportunities into a new clients big and small and signing with several agencies.

Chris’s story is invaluable to those looking for the information and mindset to get their own careers moving.

Liz Heffner Voice Over

Liz Heffner

You have all this training and your demos…NOW WHAT?! This is where Liz was with her career just months ago. Between then and now she has done a lot of research, networking, and some voice over work as well, as a proactive response to that very question. Liz’s actionable steps in laying the groundwork to her career are starting to pay off. For those asking themselves the ‘now what’ question, Liz’s work ethic, professionalism, and love for all things voice over must be experienced.

And of course Sandy and I will be there with valuable wisdom of our own!
voice over marketing

Voice Box 1-Day Voice Over Marketing Seminar

Date:             Sunday, February 9, 2020
Time:             10:30AM – 2:30PM
Cost:              $225 (includes seminar, light snack, and tons o’ knowledge)

Location:       Voice Box Class Studio
                       1 Station Circle, Suite 4,
                       Narberth, PA 19072

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From people who have attended the 1-Day Voice Over Marketing Seminar…

voice over marketing seminar

Not only was the seminar incredibly informative, but it was in such a welcoming atmosphere! Sharon, Jim and Anthony did such a great job sharing their experiences and answering questions. I ended up filling three whole pages of my notebook with information and advice!
-Kevin Palardy – Actor/Voice Over Artist

voice over marketing seminarThank you so much for a terrific day! The marketing seminar was of the same excellent quality as the voice over classes I have taken at the Voice Box. Every presenter brought their unique experience in the field, while sharing important information on how to proceed in the voice over industry.  -Stacy Skinner – Voice Over Artist