Voice Over Advanced Class

The Voice Over Advanced Class is one of the most exclusive voice over classes you'll find anywhere!

Held at the Voice Box production studio where we record and produce voice over projects daily, the Voice Over Advanced Class is all about bringing your skills to the next level.


A super intimate class size allows us to give you focused, individual preparation for working in the voice over industry


Your voice over flight simulator!...as real as it gets.
We "walk the walk and talk the talk" and have you performing under the same conditions, in the same space, with the same world class recording equipment that our professional voice actors work with everyday to fulfill the voice over recording needs of our clients.

Up close and personal with TWO veteran producer/engineers!

Voice Over Engineers
Producer/Engineers Rob Holt & Chris Z...VO is our thing!

You'll train/work alongside two well respected, super seasoned, been there, done that, seen it all, producer/engineers who have an undying passion for voice over and know what it takes for a voice over artist to get the job done and get on the client's short list for their future projects.

I coulda been AM a contender!
It's a jungle out there! It's no secret that the voice over industry is extremely competitive. You need friends on the inside. Friends who know the game and are committed to making sure you know it too. Your voice over career could be made or broken on those first few jobs. A bad performance will immediately put you on everyone's "Do Not Call List." All the same, when you show up to your first few jobs and really deliver, you not only gain the appreciation and respect of the producer, engineer, and creative team in the studio that day, you find within yourself a quickly growing fire of unstoppable inspiration, drive, and passion that not only fulfills you like never before, but propels you towards your next booking.

Voice Over Classes

For the first class, we expand on the multiple person scripts, in pairs and then 3 people at a time. We've seen more breakthroughs and explosive growth in this one night  than any other…also as an inevitable byproduct, hilarity ensues.

Once you're loose, relaxed and in the zone from week one, we go after longer format narration recording in week two. Each student gets at least 15 minutes of continuous, uninterrupted time on the mic, working with Rob and Chris as if it were a real booking. We move at the same pace, with the same terminology, and direction techniques that we use daily in our various productions. This is by far the most real training you can get.  

Week three expands upon the real experience where you'll be recording a commercial  script that Rob will have written for your individual class. We record the job as if it were real and walk you through some of the production elements commonly used in voice over projects to give you invaluable insight into the producer's world and how you and your talents fit into that world.

…and then the really cool part!

We produce the spot with music, etc. and send you an mp3 copy. 

Check out the winter 2015 class voicing a medical spot conceived, written, and produced by Rob Holt and Chris Z.

Advanced Class Dates

Thursdays, May 20, 27 & June 6, 2021 - (Plus, additional studio session)

 Time: 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Tuition: 3 payments of $139 or $399 one time

Number of Students: 5

Location: Online via Zoom. In-person one-on-one session at Narberth Studio

Still have Questions or would you like to speak to me about the class, voice over in general, or just to get a feel for what me and my classes are like? Let's do a quick 20 minute consultation phone call. I know it will be valuable to both of us. You can shoot me an email by clicking this button below and I'll get right back to you.

free voice over consultation

Any class postponed due to weather or instructor emergency will be added to the end.
There are no make-up classes when an individual misses a session however a make-up packet is emailed to the student.

Class Cancellation and Refund Policy
If you withdraw from a class before it starts and more than 6 days before the first class (not including the day the class starts), we can either hold what you have paid for a future workshop or seminar or you can receive a full refund minus a $50 booking fee.

If you withdraw from a class before it starts and within 5 days of the first class (not including the day the class starts), there are no refunds.
There are no refunds after a class has been completed.