Voice Over Demo Production


I now am doing VO work all over the globe and I have heard great compliments in regards to the quality of my demos.   
Your high quality of work speaks volumes and is really helping me get voice over jobs.
-Jim Dickey, Voice Over Artist

Your voice over demo is your number one marketing tool and it is often the deciding factor in whether or not you get the job.

Here’s the deal. Producers more often than not will use voice over demos to select the talent for their projects. Given this, your voice over demo has the potential to get you work over and over again. Which is awesome…but….

Leave nothing to chance!

me_tinyRob Holt sez-Of course there is a general formula for a voice demo with its own rules and standards. Follow these, and your demo should get a fair shot in the world. Ignore them and it won’t make it past the first few seconds before the listener hits the delete button.

Casting professionals do this for a living and can spot a homemade demo a mile away. What it says to me is that the person does not really have a full understanding of the industry…nothing personal…just the truth…

A homemade demo is kind of like slapping some stickers on your car and trying to enter a NASCAR race. A professional demo will at least get you on the track.

Amateur or Pro…which impression do you want to give?

Much like an on-camera actor’s video reel, your voice demo should give the client an accurate representation of your vocal quality, range, and strengths under modern production conditions. So much so, that any producer would be confident hiring you after hearing it.

But enough of my cautionary tales! I’m sure you get the picture.

Here’s the good news

You have TWO guys on the inside!

Two men who have become so passionate about the demo making process that they’re starting to scare themselves…really. Scary for us. Good for you! Here’s why:

  • I, Rob Holt – producer of your voice over demo, spend all day, everyday casting and recording voiceover jobs…and I have for over 17 years. I guess you could say I’m connected with what’s current in the industry, but I also have some perspective of how the industry moves over time.
  • Chris Z, engineer and co-producer of your demo, has literally engineered 100’s of TV and radio spots, locally, regionally, and nationally as well as countless narration projects. Want your commercial demo to sound like national spots? We’ve got you covered.
  • We are commercial junkies…who pays more attention to the commercial breaks than we do the shows we watch or radio programs we listen to. We can’t help it!
  • It tears at my soul not to pair just the right music with the perfect vocal delivery…when I get it just right, I tear up sometimes…there, I admit it. A grown man crying over your demo…I know..I need help.

<music up and under> 🙂

You need a demo that is competitive in the local market and beyond. We use our 30+ years of combined voice casting and engineering experience along with our all out passion for the industry and the production process to create truly unique and inspired demos for each of the voice over artists we work with. Our goal is to craft a product that will not only be an effective marketing tool for you locally, but also at the national level.

Here are just a few recent demos recorded and produced at Voice Box

  Mal Whyte – British Male Commercial

Whoa! No lie. I had to Google Mal to find a headshot for this. The dude was in Braveheart for cryin’ out loud!…like speaking role in a scene with Mel Gibson and all. He’s also apparently a TV star in Ireland…you think he would have mentioned this to me…

  Joanne Clendining – Female Commercial

Joanne is a former Voice Box Student and has absolutely been on fyyaaahh! (fire) as both an on and off camera actor…just Google her. 

  Phil DiGiacomo – Narration Demo

After listening to his demo, would you believe Phil is sort of new to the whole voice over world? The dude is a phenom…I was blown away. Look out for this guy! As you can tell from his picture, our personalities didn’t mesh at all 😉  

  A. Das Baron – Character Demo

Baron is another Voice Box student. He was completely new to voice over when he first walked through my door. You’ll find few people working as hard at their craft as he…and his original characters are a prime example of that. He’s also got a wonderfully twisted sense of humor…so of course we don’t get along at all.

With each professional demo package you get:

My oversight, guidance, evaluation, industry insights, camaraderie, etc.
(a 3 jillion dollar value, LOL!) – seriously, it is my passion to determine where you fit in the industry, assess your goals, and shape the project as such. I know. It’s deep if you’re me…but I’m looking out for you. The better you are, the better this industry is, and this industry is my life!

You know, the stuff you say to make money as a voice talent. We work together to find just the right words to get our overall message across. This is way more than just reading some copy and putting music to it. That’s what a lot of people do, and the fact that they do it is good for us! It makes it so much easier to create a demo that will make you stand out. The devil is in the details from start to finish. The selections on your demo should be relevant to the current industry while showcasing both your strengths and your versatility as a voice actor. We’ll have several email exchanges and a phone call or two as we work on this part of the process.

A super fun and relaxed recording session
You come in to the studio…we hang out…chat…and get to work. Except the work is more like best day ever kind of stuff! Can I tell you how many times I get goose bumps as I hear these wonderful performances happening right before my ears. Other times I get a little choked up when your take is just right…I know, there I go crying again. I LOVE this stuff…and I can usually already hear the produced spot in my head, music and all.

A two man production team obsessed with getting it right
The time and care we put into these things is obscene…but we have to make each demo the best it can be. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like we’re using digital witchcraft to turn you into something your not. Make no mistake, brilliant performances make up the core of any good demo. Our job is to take those performances and lift them to new heights!

A high quality mp3 of your demo
Look, we’re old school enough as an audio engineers to have had extensive experience recording to tape! You can imagine that sending someone an electronic file as a finished product is still seems a little strange…but the casting director in me loves the idea! Gone are the days when audio cassettes (that’s right, cassettes!) and then CD’s used to clutter my office, taking up any and all available desk and shelf space. These days, I’m happy to say I really only get mp3 demos from voice talent who are reaching out to me looking for work. When creating your demo, you better believe we use only the highest quality mp3 compression yadda yadda…and I email the file right to you so you can upload it to casting sites and email it to producers, studios and ad agencies ’til your heart’s content…and I think I just inadvertently gave you a great marketing tip…

There’s even more to it, but man can I ramble about this stuff! If you’re still reading this than I can’t wait to work with you, because if you’ve gotten this far you really must feel this is something you want to do. Nice!

Commercial Demo Package
Cost: $305 in 3 monthly payments or $897 one time payment
For marketing yourself to the commercial side of the industry. A standard commercial demo usually consists of 6-8 reads and runs about 1 minute to a minute 15 seconds in duration.

Narration Demo Package
Cost: $305 for 3 monthly payments or $897 one time payment
For marketing yourself to the narration side of the industry. A standard narration demo usually consists of 5-7 reads and runs about 1-2 minutes in duration.

Commercial Demo and Narration Demo Package

Cost: $535 for 3 monthly payments or $1594 one time payment
Record both and save $200!
Ultimately you should have one style of demo for each type of voice work you are pursuing. This area has so many commercial and narration opportunities why not go for both?
-1 full Commercial and 1 full Narration Demo
-2 separate 2 hour or one 4 hour recording session

Commercial Demo Package
Cost: $305 in 3 monthly payments or $897 one time payment
For marketing yourself to the commercial side of the industry. A standard commercial demo usually consists of 6-8 reads and runs about 1 minute to a minute 15 seconds in duration.

Character Demo Package
Cost: $369 for 3 monthly payments or $1097 one time payment
Do you have a bunch of character voices and are looking to market yourself to the animation/gaming side of the industry? That’s where this kind of demo comes in handy. We create, write, and produce original pieces to showcase you in cartoons, video games, anime, fantasy genre, child learning websites and more. This demo usually contains more spots than a commercial demo and a whole heaping amount of production!

Here are a few recent character demos we’ve produced.

Voice Over Characters

Anime Gaming Voices

Interested in a pro demo? Get started or ask a question