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The Voice Over Marketing Seminar is Back! - Voice Box

The Voice Over Marketing Seminar is Back!

How do you get Voice Over jobs?

Or if you’re already working, how to you get more jobs?

 Luck? Raw talent? Limitless passion? …these are great to have, but in order to consistently land jobs, it all comes down to one thing…


We have crafted a compelling 4-hour, 5-presenter workshop that will be on Saturday, June 18th from noon to 4PM, where voice over professionals who are currently succeeding in the voice over industry share the techniques, ideas, and work ethic they use to build and sustain their voice over careers. From tried and true methods that will always be relevant, to some new school and innovative thinking using the latest technology, learn what works for you and your unique situation and goals.

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About the Author Rob Holt

Rob Holt is an obsessively passionate voice over professional in the Philadelphia area, specializing in casting, recording, producing, and coaching voice overs. After the company where Rob was VO department head closed its doors in 2010, he struck out on his own and formed Voice Box, subsequently transforming him from voice over enthusiast to all out nut! Whether he should be committed or he’s just really committed to his craft, Rob has poured his passion into 100’s of voice over jobs, working with big name companies and small shops alike, as well as the area’s top voice talent. Rob also produces inspiring voice demos for area talent and his many students.

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