How To: Break Into the Voice Over Business

You can’t break in…the door is open!

 As a Philadelphia based casting director for 10 years, I’ve been asked countless times.

 “how can I break into the business?”


I was pondering this on my lunchtime walk today and have a few thoughts.

Disclaimer: If you are looking for the ‘magic bullet’ answer to this question,
read no further. There’s no such thing.

It’s a seemly simple question that really has no easy answer. However there
are some basic truths that remain rooted to anyone’s potential for success
in the industry.

You need skills

There is so much more to it than having a “great voice”. As Ruth Weisberg, one of
our instructors and veteran industry talent, likes to say ,

“Just because you’re tall, don’t make you no basketball player!”

While a nice voice is always a plus, your success has much more to do with how you use that voice to connect with your audience. Acting chops are a must!

You need to handle your business

“They don’t call it show business for nothin’!”…and nothin’ could be truer. Do
you have a marketing plan and budget? How good are your QuickBooks skills?
Who is designing your website, and how many hours a week are you going to
devote to social media? Have a home studio? Clients expect it these days.

You need the desire

A number of companies out there advertise “make money using your voice!”
This is to get you to buy their product and has no basis in reality. You have to be
passionate and realistic about the artistry that is voice acting to truly be successful.
Loving what you do will keep you striving and pushing ahead when things are going
great. It will also keep you going through the difficulties and challenges you will face
as you hone your craft and grow your business..Complicated, right?

However, if voice over is something you really love, it is tremendously fun and
rewarding! The actors and voice artists I know are some of the happiest and
hardest working people I have ever met. It is an honor to work alongside them,
and to share in their talents and dedication to “the business”.

So come on in! No crowbar, glass cutter, or skeleton key required…just talent,
hard work, dedication, and a little luck…much like the formula for success in
every other industry.


Rob Holt - Voice BoxRob Holt is an obsessively passionate voice over professional in the Philadelphia area, specializing in casting, recording, producing, and coaching voice overs. After the company where Rob was VO department head closed its doors in 2010, he struck out on his own and formed Voice Box, subsequently transforming him from voice over enthusiast to all out nut! Whether he should be committed or he’s just really committed to his craft, Rob has poured his passion into 100’s of voice over jobs, working with big name companies and small shops alike, as well as the area’s top voice talent. Rob also produces inspiring voice demos for area talent and his many students.