Character & Animation Voice Over Workshop

Got Character Voices in Your Head?
We've got the perfect place to let them out!

Character Voices

An amazingly fun and constructive setting that has you playing your vocal instrument and stretching your acting skills like never before!

Even if character voices aren't your thing...
A greater command over your voice means a better performance across all voice over styles

This is a great class for the beginner and experienced voice actor alike!
You will gain a new understanding of your vocal instrument and how to use your voice like never before, utilizing both the body and mind.

Learn the skills, techniques, and creativity needed to build a stronger, more versatile voice and greater control in using that voice.

In this 4 week workshop, students will learn to develop and define character voices for commercials, animation, video games, web use and beyond.

Work with Master Instructor and veteran voice actor, Neill Hartley

The curriculum will begin with a basic foundation of breath, resonance placement, vocal patterning and character background. Then it will move on to more detailed imagination and physical exercises to breathe life into character and animation copy, while focusing on originality and consistency in performance.

Character & Animation Voice Virtual Workshop
Dates: Mondays - 4/24, 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 2023 (we are skipping 5/1)
Time:  6:30 to 8:30PM

Instructor: Neill Hartley
Cost: 3 monthly payments of $155 or $449 one-time / Limited to 8 students

Take this class from the comfort of your own home via Zoom Online Meetings

Check out Animation Workshop student A. Das Baron's  Character Demo!
(This is a full production demo produced by me outside of class.)

The Baron says

"In the class Neill showed me the mechanics behind my voice and how to use proper technique effectively. He was able to tap into my full potential, taking me to powerful new places I didn't know existed!"

And I say,

"That guy came in here and just nailed it! Baron's diverse cast of characters, industry considerate content, and solid delivery were so fun and rewarding to work with." Plus, Neill and I were just cracking up at the recording session!"

The Character and Animation Workshop helped Baron gain the tools he needed to perform his best on this awesome demo.

Take control of your voice and voice over performances in a powerful new way!